Russian Vice Speaker Screams at Guards to Rape Pregnant Journalist ‘Hard’ (Video)

Russian Vice Speaker Vladimir Zhirinovsky told guards to rape a pregnant journalist ‘hard’.
rape russia politician

Russia Today has more on the violent exchange:

A reporter asked Vladimir Zhirinovsky if Russia should reply to the entry ban recently imposed by Ukraine on Russian men, the politician made a loud and illogical speech, first accusing female politicians from Ukraine of suffering from nymphomania (to which he referred to by the obsolete term “uterine frenzy”), then suggesting that the reporter must have a similar condition. When the woman said she was pregnant, Zhirinovsky affectionately told her to stay home instead of going to work. After this he suddenly pushed one of his aides at the reporter telling the young man that he should “rape the woman hard.” Then he shouted “Christ is risen! Truly he is risen!” and “kiss her!” several times, most likely hinting at the Easter celebrations two days away.

As another female journalist stepped in to defend her colleague Zhirinovsky called her a lesbian and passed several homophobic remarks.

Here’s the video, via Ukrainian Updates:

From the video: April 18, the State Duma, during the morning approach to reporters before the plenary session the head of “Liberal Democratic Party” in the State Duma Vladimir Zhirinovsky insulted and humiliated members of the media. Question: Do we need to impose sanctions in response? (Prohibition on the entry of Russian men to Ukraine) Zhirinovsky: Do not. All you bloodthirsty. Today you will about the film “The Furies Maidan” Rabies uterus … you all, women Maidan. Would not have this rabies uterus – Maidan would not exist. Look at this fool Irina Pharaoh, she splatters hatred of Russian. Do you think she hates Russian? She loves them! Rabies uterus – no lover, husband not present, there’s nothing! Beast sits between your legs. And through her ​​silly tongue twister breaking this up. And you, stand … What sanctions? Yes kindly necessary, caress it! Where there are these little assholes go here! Come here, too, a journalist! Come on, I utter, and you ran up and start raping her hard .. Christ is risen! Truly He is risen! Christ is Risen! Truly He is risen! Come kiss her, kiss! Hug, kiss, grab! And second take, kiss! Voices journalists: you get up here? Pregnant girl! It’s insulting!

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