RECORD NUMBER of Black Republicans Are On 2014 Alabama Primary Ballot

A record number of black Republicans are on the 2014 Alabama primary ballot.
BET reported:

Historically, Alabama hasn’t had the best track record on race relations. So, it may be surprising to some that in 2014, 11 Black Republicans are seeking elective office. In 2010 and 2012 there was just one. Meet nine of the candidates whose political fates will be determined on June 3. — Joyce Jones (@BETpolitichick)

Including Pamela Blackmore-Jenkins–
blackmore jenkins
Pamela Blackmore-Jenkins, who is running for an Alabama House seat to represent a district in the Birmingham area, has a rather remarkable story. The native New Yorker was a married mother of two before her high school graduation and was later a divorced mother of three. That didn’t stop her from going to college or earning a law degree in 2013. The Republican activist says she’s running for office because “I have always been a results-driven, no excuses, problem solver. People want results and I must deliver. I am a conservative that will take action, work hard, and bring people together.”

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