Pro-Russian Separatists Beat Ukrainian Protesters with Bats in Donetsk (Video)

Eastern Ukraine fell further into chaos as violence flared up in Donetsk and Kharkiv.
In Donetsk pro-Russian separatists beat Ukrainian protesters with bats.

The Telegraph reported:

The mayor of Ukraine’s second largest city was fighting for his life on Monday after an assassination attempt in broad daylight and an eruption of street violence in Donetsk dragged the east of the country further into chaos.

Gennady Kernes, who has been mayor of the eastern city of Kharkiv since 2010, was out jogging when he was shot in the back at about midday local time.

The attempted murder came as pro-Russian militia seized police buildings in yet another town in the Donetsk region, consolidating their hold on a strategic highway around the town of Slavyansk.

Later in the evening pro-Russian protesters armed with bats attacked a pro-Ukrainian march in Donetsk, leaving at least five people hospitalised with head wounds.

Secretary of State John Kerry claimed US intelligence had recordings of pro-Russian forces being managed by handlers in Moscow.

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