Pool Reporters: Bad Optics of Obama Fundraising During Fort Hood Attack Drove Early Remarks

Guest Post by Kristinn Taylor

Barack Obama, New York

When news broke Wednesday evening of another shooting attack on Fort Hood, President Barack Obama was at the first of two fundraising stops in Chicago.

Obama press spokesman Josh Earnest issued a statement to the traveling press corps that Obama was being kept informed of the shooting.

As Gateway Pundit was first to report, Obama intended to keep his fundraising schedule even as the mass casualty attack on U.S. soldiers on American soil was reported to be ongoing.

Obama took a pummeling on social media for not suspending his fundraising in light of the attack that left three dead and sixteen wounded before the shooter killed himself. However reporters accompanying Obama in Chicago kept their observations about the matter out of their reports.

Today however, Washington Post reporter David Nakamura allowed a glimpse in to the pool reporters’ discussion last night:

“Later, on the way back to Washington aboard Air Force One, one reporter wonders aloud why Obama made his remarks so quickly. She notes that in a decade of pooling, she’s never seen a president respond in public so urgently to a breaking news crisis before all the facts are known. There is discussion among the reporters about the optics of Obama continuing to raise money for the Democrats if he had not spoken about Fort Hood.”

So apparently the reporters were cool with Obama continuing to fundraise last night as long as he paused long enough to emote for their cameras.

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