Outrageous! Gay Activist Compares Brendan Eich & Gay Marriage Opponents to Holocaust Deniers (Video)

Gay Activist John Aravosis Compares Gay Marriage Opponents to Holocaust Deniers–

Radical gay activist John Aravosis was on Media Buzz this morning to discuss the Brendan Eich controversy. Eich was forced out of Mozilla this week after it became public that he donated to a traditional marriage campaign in 2008. Aravosis compared gay marriage opposition to Holocaust denial on Media Watch Sunday on FOX News.

“No one was attacking Brendan Eich in 2008. Today Brendan Eich wants to run a large American corporation. Having called for the repeal of 18,000 gay marriages… Barack Obama, we beat the be-Jesus out of that man on his position on marriage… What I am saying – Would you have a Holocaust denier as a CEO of a company?… If you think a Holocaust denier, if you think a Holocaust denier shouldn’t be a CEO of a company… It is outrageous”


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