Obama Administration Warns Russia – Ukrainian Invasion Would Lead to Tragic Consequences

separatists ukraine
Pro-Russian separatists fight Ukrainian police in Donetsk. (News 24)

The US Ambassador to Ukraine warned Russia Tuesday that an invasion into Ukraine would result in tragic consequences.
Ooh. Very scary.
Business Insider reported:

U.S. Ambassador to Ukraine Geoffrey Pyatt held a press conference in Kiev on Tuesday, saying that Russian troop movements into Ukraine would constitute a serious escalation and, even further, the U.S. would respond immediately, UPI reports.
He continued, as the Kyiv Post reported, saying that “such a scenario would lead to tragic consequences.”

At first glance, this sounds like tough talk. In essence, Pyatt seems to be telling Moscow, “if you invade, U.S. troops will stop you.”

And certainly, with 600 U.S. troops already moved into Poland and the Baltic states, things could get ugly.

But the statement was rather cryptic. How would the U.S. respond? With military force, more diplomatic maneuvers, or more sanctions? And invasion would lead to tragic consequences for whom?

Further, it doesn’t make much sense. Ukraine has already been invaded. Crimea — if we can shift the clock back a few months — was very much a part of Ukraine. It was invaded and taken over by Russian forces, held a sham referendum, then annexed.

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