No Cuts… Woman Pummeled With Construction Light After Cutting in Line at Pawn Shop (Video)

A woman at a north St. Louis pawn shop was beaten with a construction light after she cut ahead in line.
pawn shop stl

The woman suffered gashes on her face and scalp.

KMOV reported:


Surveillance video from a local pawn shows two customers engaged in a brawl, leaving one woman with gashes on her face and scalp.

Police said the woman who started the confrontation was upset because the other woman was not following the rules and cut in line. Authorities said the incident happened at First America Cash and Pawn on North Lindbergh Boulevard.

The video shows a woman wearing black entering the store and lunging toward the customer at the front counter. Police say the attacker is Charlene White, 38, of Florissant.

Police said White was upset that the other woman did not take a number and was waited on before her. According to police, the clerk ensured White that she would be helped next. However, White grew impatient and left the building.

Police said White returned 20 minutes later. Video shows White then took a yellow construction light off of a shelf and beat the other woman for approximately one full minute.

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