Lahore Muslim Had Sex With Gay Men Then Snapped Their Necks

He wanted to teach gays a lesson. So Muhammed Ejaz would have sex with gay men then snap their necks. Ejaz says he killed them to stop the spreading of the “evils” of homosexuality.
ejaz necks
This photo taken on April 27, 2014 shows a handcuffed Pakistani suspect in connection with the murders of three homosexual men, standing in a lockup at a police station in Lahore. (AFP)

Ejaz is a father of two.
The IBT Times reported, via Religion of Peace:

A serial killer in Pakistan charged with murder of three gay men says he killed them to stop them from spreading the “evils” of homosexuality in society.

Muhammed Ejaz, 28, from Lahore was arrested last week for the crime and has confessed to the murders.

The victims, who had been sedated and were found with their necks broken, were two men in their twenties and a middle-aged retired army Major.

“My way was wrong. It is tragic that the families have lost their relatives but they were spreading evil in society and I had to stop it,” Ejaz, father of two infants, told the AFP.

“I wanted to warn them to stay away from this evil.”

“They are spreading evil and transmitting diseases. They cannot control themselves,” he added.

Ejaz’s family insisted that he was not homosexual himself but the police said Ejaz had sex with the victims before he killed them.

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