Krauthammer on Obama’s Legacy: He Has Two Years Left “And He’ll Probably Worsen It” (Video)

Charles Krauthammer Says Obama Has Two Years Left to Worsen His Legacy 
Charles blasted Obama tonight on his failing foreign policy.

Shannon Bream: He has two years left to do something with his legacy.

Charles Krauthammer: Right, and he’ll probably worsen it because he has trouble understanding that other countries have national interests and they do want to dominate other countries. He says that’s not how people act in this century. It is how people act in this century and every other century back to the stone age. And if he thinks because it was a turn of the calendar fourteen years ago the nature has changed. He was still saying over the weekend that Putin is not acting in Russia’s interest. Why? Because there are fluctuations in the stock market. He’s actually instructing the Russians in what is in their national interest. They have just seized the most important piece of strategic territory, the Crimea, on the Black Sea, that they will now dominate for a couple of hundred years… This guy (Putin) is winning on a geopolitical level that Obama does not even seem to understand.”

Via Special Report:

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