Korean Ferry Captain Accused of Abandoning Ship – 290 Passengers Still Missing (Video)

The captain of the ferry that capsized on Wednesday is accused of abandoning ship.
Captain Lee Joon-seok was one of the first to jump to safety after the vessel began sinking.

korean ferry

The captain of the Korean ferry that capsized this week told reporters,
“I am really sorry. I am really ashamed. I cannot put into words.”


** Lee Joon-seok escaped the ship 45 minutes after it ran aground leaving hundreds of high school children to fend for themselves.

** The ship’s crew told students to stay in their rooms after the ferry ran aground.

The Guardian reported:

The parents of hundreds of children missing after Wednesday’s ferry accident off the coast of South Korea have accused the captain of the vessel of abandoning passengers after it emerged that he and six other crew members were among the first to leave the ship after it started to sink.

The captain, Lee Joon-seok, who is reportedly in his 60s, escaped from the 6,835-ton Sewol just 40 minutes after the vessel apparently ran aground and started to list severely.

Survivors and the families of 287 people, most of them teenagers, who are thought to be trapped inside the sunken vessel directed their anger towards Lee, according to South Korean media reports, as rescue efforts continued in the dim hope that some of the missing passengers might still be alive. Navy divers tried to enter the capsized ship more than 10 times on Thursday, but were hampered by strong currents and poor visibility.

The captain is facing criminal charges.

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