kc shooter
The Kansas City highway shooter was arrested yesterday in Grandview, Missouri. Local 10

The black male in his twenties lives in the Grandview, Missouri.

Twenty cars were shot at in the past month. Three people were injured.
Local 10 reported:

For more than a month, motorists around Kansas City, Missouri, have worried about something besides traffic jams and potholes.

Someone had fired a gun at as many as 20 motorists on major roads and highways. Three people were shot, none with life-threatening injuries.

A news conference expecting to reveal details of the case was scheduled Friday, a day after Police Chief Darryl Forte announced a man was taken into custody in connection with the shootings. The suspect’s name won’t be released until charges have been filed.

Thursday’s arrest took place in Grandview, Missouri, south of Kansas City. Kevin Cooksey, who lives across an alley from the suspect, said he saw police take him into custody.

“He couldn’t go nowhere because he was surrounded. Completely surrounded,” Cooksey told affiliate KSHB-TV. “They were on him. As soon as it happened, they were on him.”

The shootings began March 8, and at least 12 of them are connected, police said. Some motorists weren’t even aware shots had been fired at their vehicles.

UPDATE: The shooter has been identifiedMohammad Pedro Whitaker.

Mohammed Pedro Whitaker has been identified as the alleged Kansas City highway shooter and has been charged with 18 felonies from 9 separate incidents around the city metro region.

Officials gave an update in a press conference on Friday afternoon.

More via HeavyPolice have not identified a motive.

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