Jesse Jackson Calls for Protest from Clippers Players in Response to Owner’s Racist Comments

heat hoodies
Miami Heat Trayvon Martin hoodie protest (WJLA)

Jesse Jackson called on the LA Clippers’ players to hold a symbolic protest of expression similar to the Miami Heat hoodie protest in support of Trayvon Martin.
TMZ sports reported:

Reverend Jesse Jackson is calling for Chris Paul, Blake Griffin and the rest of the Clippers to employ some kind of “symbolic expression” to protest the statements made by team owner Donald Sterling.

We just spoke with Jackson … who tells us he’s outraged by Sterling’s racist comments — and says it puts the players in an awkward situation, due to the fact they have a playoff game tomorrow.

Jackson says the league “must respond and respond quickly” — and says the players should do something during the game to “show a sign of indignation.”

Jackson pointed to the Miami Heat players — who wore hoodies to show their outrage after the shooting of Trayvon Martin … and says the Clippers should do something similar.

Jesse Jackson also posted this tweet linking the racist comments to guns in churches?

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