Hawaii Obamacare Exchange Blew More Per Enrollee Than Cost of New BMW

bmw sedan

The Hawaii Obamacare exchange blew more money per enrollee than the cost of a new BMW.
Breitbart.com reported:

President Barack Obama’s home state of Hawaii’s Obamacare exchange spent $35,749 per enrollee, a sum greater than the price of a new 2014 BMW 320i sedan (MSRP $32,750).

“Just obscene amounts of money have disappeared into these state exchanges for very little actual performance,” said American Commitment President Phil Kerpen. “You just have this huge duplication and waste in places like Hawaii and Oregon.”

A CNBC analysis ranking taxpayer-funded federal expenditures on Obamacare found that Hawaii enrolled just 5,744 people through its Obamacare exchange at a cost to taxpayers of $205,342,270. The second-worst performer was the District of Columbia which spent $20,499.37 per enrollee. DC bagged $133,573,927 to sign up just 6,518 people.

CNBC says that the national average cost per enrollee is $6,894.05. However, the number of those counted as enrollees that have actually activated their coverage by paying their first month’s premium is presently unclear.

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