FOX Nation Turns Five – Jesse Watters Says “The Best Is Yet to Come”

jesse watters cpac
Jesse Watters doing his thing at a far left protest in Washington DC.

FOX Nation turned five this week. In honor of the anniversary Warner Todd Houston spoke with FOX Nation founder Jesse Watters.
Via Big Journalism:

Fox Nation, the website that was “created for people who believe in the United States of America,” is turning five years old this week. Jesse Watters, Fox Nation’s editor, spoke to Breitbart News about his website’s past and its future on this fifth anniversary.

Fox Nation first powered up in April of 2009 promising to, as Fox News’ then Senior Vice President Joel Cheatwood said on its debut, give people “a real destination to go and express themselves” and to “give them a feeling of belonging.”

The site has become a daily destination for millions since 2009, and editor Watters says the best is yet to come. But Watters, who is also well known as a producer and interviewer for The O’Reilly Factor, has been with the site since day one. The site has been a labor of love and necessity, he said in an exclusive interview with Breitbart News.

When asked why he and Fox started Fox Nation, Watters said the site was partly born out of necessity. “Years ago when I was an O’Reilly Factor assistant producer,” Watters said, “I would send our senior producers an email each morning with dozens of headlines and links to stories from all over the Internet–political, cultural, tabloid, video–anything I thought was compelling and controversial enough to air on The Factor that day. After my morning emails gained wider distribution within the company, we believed a larger platform was necessary.”

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