Don Imus Blasts “Wretched SOB” Harry Reid for Domestic Terrorists Comment (Video)

Don Imus weighed in on his take on the over abundance of lying and deceit in the Obama Administration while commending Sean Hannity. FOX host Hannity called for calling out Harry Reid for being a “Gutless Bastard” for referring to the Bundy Ranch protesters as ‘Domestic Terrorists’.

And, in this current administration, everything from ‘if you like your doctor, yada-yada’ to the NSA Scandal to the IRS Scandal to Begnahzi… I mean Deirdre had a great point, that wretched son-of-a-bitch Harry Reid calling those people out there protesting this “domestic terrorists” when that evil gutless bastard and the president and the rest of them won’t refer to what happened in Fort Hood as domestic terrorism.

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