BRUTAL→ St. Louis Police Beat & Bludgeon Mentally Disabled Man in his Own Home (Video)

This was brutal.
St. Louis police officers were caught on tape beating Mario Crump, a mentally disabled man, in his own home.
The beating has prompted an internal investigation.

FOX 2 Now reported:

A short video clip of a violent altercation involving a mentally ill man and two St. Louis Metropolitan Police Department officers has prompted an internal investigation.

Chief Sam Dotson says his officers were responding to a call from a woman wishing to have her husband removed from their home.

“She described her husband as acting erratically, perhaps on drugs,” said Dotson.

Mario Crump was the man. He’s now charged with assault and peace disturbance. A video recorded from a family member inside the home shows him resisting officers` commands. It also shows officers striking him with a police baton and a punch.

Crump recently found a job with help from Independence Center, an agency that helps mentally ill individuals. The man in charge of the agency says the video makes him sick to his stomach.

“I don`t think that you take a man that`s sitting in a chair in his living room, and use a club on them or, or your fists,” said Mike Keller, Executive Director.

He says Crump was having a psychotic episode. Family members told police their loved one had exposed himself and had been urinating on the floor. Keller believes officers should have found a way to diffuse the situation without beating Crump.

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