BREAKING VIDEO→ Fist-Fight Breaks Out in Ukrainian Parliament – Even the Women Jump In

Members of the Ukrainian parliament brawled Tuesday after a communist leader accused nationalists of playing into the hands of Russia by adopting extreme tactics early in the Ukrainian crisis.

Even the women jumped in.
fight ukraine
Communist Millionaire gets pummeled by a female Ukrainian nationalist. Communist Party Oksana Kaletnik defends party leader Petro Symonenko in Rada on April 8. (Kyiv Post)

This video shows the start of the brawl in Parliament.


Newsweek has more on the brawl:

Two deputies from the Svoboda far-right nationalist party took exception to the charges by communist Petro Symonenko and seized him while he was talking from the rostrum.

His party supporters rallied to his defense and a brawl broke out with deputies from other parties joining in and trading punches.

Symonenko stirred nationalist anger when, referring to pro-Russian protesters who seized buildings in eastern Ukraine, he said nationalists had set a precedent earlier this year by seizing public buildings in protest at the rule of ousted President Viktor Yanukovich.

Now, he said, armed groups were attacking people who wanted to defend their rights by peaceful means.

“You are today doing everything to intimidate people. You arrest people, start fighting people who have a different point of view,” he said, before being pulled away from the rostrum by the Svoboda deputies.

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