Breaking: Spc. Ivan Lopez ONLY Quit Firing & Took His Life After Being Confronted By Armed Female Guard

Spc. Ivam Lopez shot three Americans dead today at Fort Hood.
Another 16 people were injured.
ivan lopez
(Daily Mail)

Spc. Ivan Lopez shot three people dead and wounded 16 others. Four of the victims are in serious condition.

** Lopez, from Puerto Rico, did not see combat during a tour in Iraq three years ago.


Lopez’s shooting rampage ended when Lopez was confronted by an armed security guard.
The AP reported:

Lopez apparently walked into a building Wednesday afternoon and began firing a .45-caliber semi-automatic pistol. He then got into a vehicle and continued firing before entering another building, but he was eventually confronted by military police in a parking lot, according to Milley, senior officer on the base.

As he came within 20 feet of an officer, the gunman put his hands up but then reached under his jacket and pulled out his gun. The officer drew her own weapon, and the suspect put his gun to his head and pulled the trigger a final time, Milley said.

Thanks to liberals and Bill Clinton and Democrats our military bases are gun-free zones. As a result, Fort Hood just experienced its second mass shooting in 5 years.
How many more US soldiers will have to die due to gun-free regulations?

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