Breaking: KOREAN FERRY SINKS – 471 Passengers Aboard, 292 MISSING

cruise ship korea

A cruise ship sunk off the coast of South Korea today.
471 passengers were on board the ship.

A total of 147 passengers were rescued from the sinking ferry as of 11:00 a.m.
At least one person is dead.

CBS News reported:


A ferry carrying more than 450 people, most of them high school students, began sinking off South Korea’s southwest coast and a rescue operation was under way Wednesday, government officials and South Korean media said.

The ferry had set off from the western port of Incheon on Tuesday and was due to arrive at the southern resort island of Jeju later on Wednesday, Yonhap news aaency said. Most of the passengers were teenagers on a high school trip.

The vessel was about 12 miles off the island off of the island of Byungpong when it sent out a distress call, saying the boat was listing to one side.

Patrol boats and helicopters were sent to the scene. About 120 passengers had been plucked to safety, and passengers wearing life jackets were told to jump into the sea and await rescue, media reports said.

UPDATE: 292 passengers are still missing several hours after the ferry began sinking.

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