Bill Kristol on Phony O-Care Numbers: “It’s Like Saying You’ve Got to Give the Soviet Union a Lot of Credit” (Video)

Bill Kristol didn’t join the Obamacare cheer squad on ABC’s “This Week” on Sunday. Kristol compared the phony signup numbers to Soviet propaganda.
NewsBusters reported:

ABC’s Jonathan Karl did his best to get Bill Kristol to admit ObamaCare is working on ABC’s “This Week” but the “Weekly Standard” editor refused to give into the fill-in host’s demands. Karl attempted to persuade Kristol to “Give the president a little credit here right? 7.1 million sign-ups after that disastrous start. They hit their number; they went past their number.”

Appearing on Sunday April 6, Kristol shot down Karl’s assertion and argued, “It’s like saying you’ve got to give the Soviet Union a lot of credit. 200 million people bought bread in their grocery stores. If it’s the only place you can buy health insurance, they’re going to get people to buy health insurance there.”

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