Activists Hold Hunger Strike Outside White House – Demand US Free All Illegal Immigrants From Detention Camps (Video)

Immigration activists hold hunger strike outside White House.
Demand no more deportations.

Cynthia Diaz is holding a hunger strike outside the White House.
She is demanding the US release her illegal immigrant mother from detention camp.
FOX News Latino reported:

Diaz, 18, is a U.S. citizen and one of three immigration activists who on Tuesday began a hunger strike outside The White House in Washington D.C. demanding their loved ones be released from immigration detention and not deported. The strike is part of the ‘Not 1 More’ deportation movement. They are also hoping to pressure President Barack Obama to halt needless deportations of non-criminals and immigrants with low level convictions which, they say, are tearing families apart. A recent New York Times article reported two-thirds of deportations under Obama’s presidency were of people with either no criminal backgrounds or minor violations.

“I’m only 18. I’m a small figure. But I’m strong mentally and spiritually and I know I have a lot of support, so as long as I can I will be on a hunger strike in front of President Obama’s house,” she said.

Diaz is studying at the University of Arizona on a full ride scholarship, but her mother, Maria Del Rosario Rodriguez, is an undocumented immigrant. She was deported in 2011 and re-entered the country illegally in March; now she is sitting in an immigration detention center. Rodriguez crossed the U.S.- Mexico border joining 150 others as part of the ‘Bring Them Home’ protest.

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