Watch As Obama Fesses Up To His Biggest Lie Yet

March 14 – President Obama comes to the same conclusions that everyone else did years ago. In an interview, Obama finally admitted that he was lying to the American people when he said, “if you like your doctor, you can keep your doctor.”

Watch the interview here

In a somber tone, fully aware of his own vitriolic hypocrisy, the President begrudgingly told the country that “they’re gonna have to make some choices, and they might have to switch doctors.” While this revelation didn’t come as a surprise to anyone, it was a remarkable sight to see the President admit it.

Obama tries to salvage himself by saying people might make this switch to save money. However, it begs the question, why would switching doctors now suddenly save people money? The answer is that the Present’s signature Health Care plan, Obamacare, is raising people’s premium’s and medical costs to the point where they can no longer afford the health insurance they were happy with before the implementation of his disastrous plan.

If you’ve ever wondered what an administration imploding into itself looks like, this is it. Obama has lost a significant amount of support from the left over his dogmatic obsession with Obamacare, and it appears that even the President himself is starting to loose faith. Obama finally admitted something that every critically thinking person in the country knew: Obamacare will not only mean your healthcare costs will skyrocket, but it will force you to change doctors and plans.

Sycophantic Obama supporters love to try and mock those who have fought restlessly to repeal Obamacare. They look at the dozens of attempts to repeal the bill and argue that we should just give up, the people have spoken and they want Obamacare. This position is becoming more and more difficult to hold as even the President seems to be giving up any high expectations for his health care law. The Administration has delayed all major parts of Obamacare until well after the President’s term has ended, and undoubtedly will blame something along the lines of improper implementation when the bill inevitably savages the country.

Obama concludes his remarks by saying that Americans will have to make a decision as to, “what’s right for your family.” Instead, the President should have taken the initiative to do what’s right for American families, and resigned on the spot after firing his would be successors.

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