WASTE: EPA Workers Used Gov Credit Cards To Buy Gym Memberships, Gift Cards, & Other Items


In what is soon to be referred to as another “Imaginary Scandal” by President Obama, it was discovered that employees of the EPA have been using Government credit cards to make “Inappropriate” purchases.

According to The Daily Caller, an Inspector General’s report released today states that some of those purchases include gym memberships, gift cards, and even hotel space:

“Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) employees used federal charge cards to buy gym memberships, gift cards, hotel space and items at dance halls and music venues, according to an inspector general report released Wednesday.

“The EPA did not provide effective oversight to ensure that purchase card holders and approving officials comply with internal control procedures,” according to the report, entitled ”Ineffective Oversight of Purchase Cards Results in Inappropriate Purchases at EPA.” Seventy-five of 80 reviewed transactions were not in compliance with EPA policies.

“Of $152,602 in transactions we sampled, we found cards and is considering $79,254 of prohibited, improper and erroneous purchases.”

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