UK Teachers Use Scary Games To “Dupe” Kids Into Believing In Global Warming

Snakes and ladders green games

Three years ago former Energy Secretary Chu explained that the way to fight Global Warming was to brainwash children so that they’ll put pressure on their parents to live a more sustainable lifestyle.

Along those same lines, some teachers in the United Kingdom have come up with a fun way to do the brainwashing.


According to an article on The Guardian, some teachers in the UK are using frightening games to “Dupe” children into believing in Climate Change:

Apocalyptic images of melting ice-caps, dying polar bears and dried-up river beds are all pretty frightening, but are shock tactics really the best way to encourage our young to care for the planet? The best medicine may not be the usual prescribed guilt trip but rather a healthy dose of fun and games.

“Play and games hook them into the subject,” explains English teacher Sian Carter. “A lot of the time they don’t realise they are actually learning and think they are just having fun. It’s a bit of dupe in a way but a very successful one.”

Carter, who is in charge of developing teaching and learning across The Mountbatten School in Hampshire, uses everything from giant snakes and ladders to Monopoly to teach her class of secondary students. The children create the questions themselves and while she has more commonly used these traditional board games to teach literature, the lesson can be adapted to suit any subject, including environmental awareness.

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