Top House Republican: We Already Caught White House Lying About IRS Targeting Scandal (Video)

Breaking News from The O’Reilly Factor

This was a terrific interview on The O’Reilly Factor tonight.
Rep. Kevin Brady (R-TX), a member of the House Ways and Means Committee and Deputy Whip and Chairman of the Joint Economic Committee, told Bill O’Reilly the committee has already caught the White House lying about the IRS conservative targeting scandal.

Rep. Kevin Brady: We’ve interviewed IRS persons of interest more than 50 times. Which is where we quickly discredited much of the White House’s earlier claims. So we’re going to continue to work through the documents… When the time is right, when we think we have a much clearer picture and pinpoint of the wrongdoing then we’ll deal with Miss Lerner.

Brady then went on to tell Bill O’Reilly that the IRS stonewalled the committee during the investigation. Then he dropped this bomb.


Rep. Kevin Brady: We quickly discredited from the IRS employees themselves that this was just a rogue activity out of Cincinnati, or Dallas and went to Washington. We quickly discredited the thought that progressive organizations were targeted as well.

The IRS Conservative Targeting Scandal involved:

There is NO EVIDENCE that a single liberal group went through the same scrutiny as conservative groups.

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