TEXAS HONOR KILLING: Black Muslim Father Accused Of Killing Gay Daughter And Her Girlfriend

A black Muslim man suspected of murdering his lesbian daughter and her girlfriend.

Her sexuality offended his Muslim sensibilities.
James Cosby was arrested this week.

The women were found dead near a dumpster.


Cosby bludgeoned his daughter to death and shot her girlfriend in the head.
lesbian houston
Crystal Jackson, left, and Britney Cosby, both 24, were murdered last week and dumped near a ferry dock in south Texas. Cops believe Cosby’s father, James Cosby, killed the couple. (NY Daily News)


The Daily Mail reported:

The bodies of Britney Cosby and Crystal Jackson, both 24, who investigators say were in a romantic relationship, were discovered March 7 next to a trash bin behind a store in Galveston.

Officials say Miss Cosby died from blows to the head and Jackson from a gunshot wound.

Loranda McDonald, Cosby’s mother, suggested that her father may have murdered the young woman because she was a lesbian.  

…Mr X, the family’s spokesman, also claimed that he found writings condemning homosexuality as a sin on Cosby’s Koran, MyFox Houston reported.

The left won’t care about this because the alleged murderer of these lesbians wasn’t a white male Christian.


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