Shady Deal: Harry Reid To Payback $17,000 To Campaign Fund


If you wondered yesterday why Senator Harry Reid would say something as stupid as accusing the GOP of helping Russia seize Crimea, well today you have your answer. It would seem he was trying to distract the public from the fact that he has been doing some shady things with money he raised for his campaign.

According to an article on USA Today, Harry Reid is being forced to pay back $17,000 to his campaign fund that he gave to his granddaughter:

Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid is refunding his campaign nearly $17,000 that went to his granddaughter’s jewelry company, several news outlets report.

The move comes after the Federal Election Commission officials questioned the payments from Reid’s campaign.  In a letter sent last week, federal regulators asked for details about “holiday gifts” that his campaign funded.

Campaign reports show two payments to Ryan Elisabeth, but Nevada political journalist Jon Ralston said the recipient’s full name is Ryan Elisabeth Reid, the Nevada Democrat’s California-based granddaughter.

Attempts to reach Reid campaign officials late Tuesday were unsuccessful.

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