RUSSIA MOVES TROOPS Into Ukrainian Territory – North of Crimea

Chonhar, Ukraine – North of Crimea

While Obama was golfing in Key Largo Putin moved troops into Ukraine north of Crimea–

Putin must be very intimidated by Obama.
FOX News reported:

Ukrainians in the Kherson province just north of Crimea say Russian operatives have moved into the territory, an incursion which, if true, could show Vladimir Putin has more than just the Black Sea peninsula in his sights.

Residents of the village of Chonhar, in the Kherson region of Ukraine, say Russian troops showed up last week in armored personnel carriers, prompting the dispatch of Ukrainian troops and a standoff. The suspected Russian troops pulled back and established a checkpoint on a major road leading north from the Crimean capital of Simferopol.

“Local residents confronted the men and asked them who they were, but they refused to answer. We immediately suspected that they were from the Russian Armed Forces,” a Chonhar resident who asked that only his first name, Anatoly, be used, told

Several locals reported dozens of men wearing camouflage fatigues riding armored personnel carriers crossed over Crimea’s border to Kherson region, where they established a base along the Kharkiv-Simferopol highway on the Kherson region’s side of the border.

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