Russia Confiscates Half of Ukrainian Fleet in Crimea – Including Submarine

Russia announced that it will confiscate half of the Ukrainian fleet in Crimea.
russia submarine
Among the warships Russia will take a Ukrainian submarine.

Twenty Ukrainian ships were confiscated by the Russians. reported:
(Article was translated)

Those ships and vessels, which are now in the Crimea will formally first in the so-called “maritime self-defense force” of the Crimea, and then in the Battle of the Black Sea Fleet of Russia.

Up to 20 warships and support vessels of the Naval Forces of Ukraine (VMSU) may enter into operation in the Black Sea Fleet of Russia, told RIA Novosti Chairman of Russian State Duma Committee on Defense, former Black Sea Fleet commander Admiral Vladimir Komoyedov.

Ukrainian navy officers leave fleet HQ in Crimea, evicted by Russians.

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