President Putin Says Russia Reserves Right to Use Force in Ukraine (Video)

President Vladimir Putin told reporters today Russia reserves the right to use force in Ukraine.
Putin insisted former President Viktor Yanukovych was still the legitimate leader.

From the video:

Russian President Vladimir Putin said on Tuesday that Moscow reserves the right to use its military to protect Russians in the Ukrainian peninsula of Crimea but voiced the hope that it will not need to do so.

Putin declared that Western actions were driving Ukraine into anarchy and warned that any sanctions the West places on Russia for its actions will backfire.

“We believe that if we make a decision, if I make a decision to use armed forces, it will be legitimate, totally corresponding to general norms of international law because there was an appeal by the legitimate president (Viktor Yanukovych), and according to our obligations, and in this case in coincides with our interests to protect those people who we consider are closely linked to us,” said Putin.

Putin said the local self-defense forces are protecting the Ukrainian citizens.


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