Palestinian Leader Rejects Israeli Jewish State

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Palestinian leader Mahmoud Abbas told reporters in 2011 that Obama promised the Palestinians a state.

Palestinian leader Mahmoud Abbas told reporters today there is “no way” he would recognize a Jewish state.
Al Arabiya reported:

Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas said there is “no way” he will recognize Israel as a Jewish state and accept a Palestinian capital in just a portion of Israeli-annexed east Jerusalem, rejecting what some Palestinians believe will be key parts of a forthcoming U.S. peace proposal, the Associated Press reported on Friday.

Abbas, who was speaking to youth activists of his Fatah party, in comments carried on Friday by the Palestinian news agency WAFA, said he had previously withstood international pressure when he sought U.N. recognition of a state of Palestine over Washington’s objections.

Abbas’ comments suggested the extent of the difference in stances between him and Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, after seven months of mediation efforts by U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry.

The president suggested he would stand firm again – especially over the demand that the Palestinians recognize Israel as a Jewish state.

“They are pressing and saying, ‘No peace without the Jewish state,’“ he said, though not saying who applying the pressure. “There is no way. We will not accept.”

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