Oh, Good Grief… Ellen Sucks Up to “Fearless and Brilliant Head of State” Obama

ellen obama dancing

Fearless?… Really?
Ellen Degeneres had Barack Obama on her show this week so he could spew his Obamacare propaganda to her young uninformed audience.

The president told Ellen that twentysomethings can sign up for “100 dollars a month or less, in some cases, less than your cellphone bill or your cable bill.” Of course we know this is not true because Obama said it wasn’t true. Just last week Obama told kids to give up their cell phones to buy Obamacare.

But since when to facts matter to Ellen’s low-information audience?

What was particularly nauseating, was how Ellen’s website pitched his appearance on the show:

Now the leader of the free world, and the champion of comedy will get into the President’s new health care initiative. From L.A. to D.C., Ellen rolls out the red carpet for the United States’ fearless and brilliant head of state!

North Korea would be proud, Ellen.

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