Offensive NAACP Leader Dr. William Barber Lectures WI Radicals on Morals and Morality (Video)

North Carolina NAACP leader Reverend Dr. William Barber, who recently came under fire after calling Senator Tim Scott (R-SC) a “ventriloquist’s dummy,” took his show on the road to Wisconsin this past week. Barber has a long history of making racist and offensive remarks about leading conservatives.

Barber had the gall to lecture the local crowd on “morality.”
The man has no shame

Rebel Pundit reported:

Barber nearly drew a full house at the Bethel Lutheran Church, two blocks from the State Capitol, where he received multiple standing ovations during his dramatic revisit through American “civil rights” history. In his speech, Barber called out (8:37 mark in video) conservative talk radio host Rush Limbaugh and the “wealthy extremist” Koch brothers for leading the assault on the process of “reconstructing America.” (31:24 mark in video)

“Recently Rush Limbaugh had the unmitigated gall to challenge the Pope,” to which Barber received warm laughter from the audience, and continued, “don’t you all like this Pope, this new Pope? I do. He challenged him because he was suggesting that talk about the poor is some strange form of redistribution of wealth, and socialism, and the Pope said, listen, listen Rush, listen Rush. You are out of your league. What you don’t know is that caring for the poor and workers’ rights is not communism, it’s the gospel.”

Barber went on to emphasis the progressive tendencies of several Republicans from President’s Theodore Roosevelt, and Dwight Eisenhower to Richard Nixon, and their relation to the issues of “moral descent.”

“Teddy Roosevelt, in 1912, a Republican, described his stance on healthcare. In 1912. Described his stance on healthcare, living wages and conservation of the environment as moral issues.” (13:48 in video)

“The reason I raise this about moral decent, a movement in moral decent, is because at this moment in history I believe we are being called once again to answer the solemnest question, who will stand against the workers of injustice. I believe, and we see it Wisconsin and we see it North Carolina, that America is in the midst of a third Reconstruction.” (18:10 in video)

That makes absolutely no sense and yet the leftists in the audience continued to give this offensive nut standing ovation after standing ovation.

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