MISSING #MH370: China Releases Photo of Debris in Indian Ocean

China released this image today of a large object floating in the Indian Ocean.
debris ocean
Possible sighting: A photo released by Chinese broadcaster CCTV shows a new satellite image of a large floating object in the Indian Ocean that could be related to missing Malaysia Airlines flight MH370. (Daily Mail)

The Daily Mail reported:

A large piece of floating debris has been spotted in the remote Indian Ocean search zone for missing flight MH370, it was revealed today.

Chinese satellites picked up signs of a ‘suspicious’ object measuring 72ft by 42ft in an area 75 miles west of where Australia reported an earlier sighting of floating debris.

The images were taken at lunchtime on March 18, Chinese state media reported, just two days after the sighting by Australian satellites singled out the area in the southern Indian Ocean.

The object is 22.5 meters long and 13 meters wide (74 feet by 43 feet).

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