Medea Benjamin Lies to Egyptian Reporter about Lack of Involvement in Overthrow of Mubarak

Guest post by Kristinn Taylor

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Medea Benjamin making and then displaying an anti-Mubarak protest sign in Tahir Square, Cairo, Egypt February 2011, photos by Code Pink.

Susan ‘Medea’ Benjamin, leader of the terrorist support group Code Pink, gave an interview to an Egyptian reporter this week about her deportation from Egypt this week in which she told a bald faced lie denying involvement in the 2011 overthrow of the U.S. allied government of then President Hosni Mubarak. If she told the same lies to the Egyptian government to get out being deported it’s no wonder they kicked her out.

Benjamin spoke to Ali Omar of the Daily News Egypt in an interview published March 5. Omar reported Benjamin’s thoughts on why she was being thwarted from visiting Hamas controlled Gaza by the Egyptian government:

“Benjamin still does not know why she was on a no-fly list in Cairo. Although she was in Tahrir Square during the 2011 uprising, she had no involvement with the protests against ousted president Hosni Mubarak. When pressed for a reason, Benjamin suggested that it was due to her participation in a “Freedom March” in support of Palestinians that took place in Cairo in 2010.

““[CODEPINK] tried not to get involved [in Egyptian politics], but now I feel like it has been forced on me. My main concern is that if they can do this to a 100-pound, five-foot tall [American] woman, what are they doing to their own people?””

Those are bald faced lies. Not only was Code Pink involved in the movement to overthrow Mubarak, Code Pink, while protesting in Cairo’s Tahrir Square, raised money to fund the overthrowing of Mubarak. A screen grab of Code Pink’s fundraising appeal is in an article I wrote with Andrea Shea King that was published at Breitbart on February 5, 2011—one week before Mubarak resigned under pressure.

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An excerpt from the article:

“The headline for the appeal published at the Web site of Code Pink’s fundraising partner Democracy in Action reads:

“Help us raise $5,000 in emergency funds today to support the Egyptian revolution!”

“Code Pink co-founder Medea Benjamin posted on Twitter from Egypt at 3:19 a.m. Cairo time on Friday that more than $10,000 had already been raised…

“There is no guarantee that Code Pink will spend the money solely on “flowers…blankets, food and medicines for the protesters in the streets.” As the group says at the end of the appeal, “Our CODEPINK team is on the ground in Cairo doing everything we can to support the movement.” Will the “CODEPINK team” dip into the donations to cover their expenses? Will they be buying hash, cigarettes and liquor in the Cairo streets or hookah bars? Will some of that money be used by protesters to buy Molotov cocktail supplies, or worse?

“Code Pink has a history of working with and giving humanitarian aid to terrorist groups like Hamas. It passes itself off as non-violent but supports those who engage in violence against America and her allies–especially Israel. Code Pink knows that humanitarian aid relieves pressure on groups to provide the basics to combatants and their families so that the tools of revolution can be bought and morale maintained.”

If the current Egyptian government was concerned that Code Pink would have used its time in Cairo to agitate against it while waiting to enter Gaza, proof is here in this report by myself and Andrea Shea King from January 30, 2011:

“An audio file of a phone call by leftist activist David Swanson that day to Code Pink agitator Tighe Barry in Cairo was posted late Friday.

“Barry, in Egypt once again coordinating Code Pink’s latest group trip to Hamas-controlled Gaza, spoke with Swanson about his involvement in the protests.

“Barry said he’s been in Egypt all week and has been out protesting between arranging permits from the Egyptian government to travel to the Gaza border crossing at Rafah.

“Barry said the government had given him a permit to travel to Rafah and he hoped to depart on Sunday, but noted that may not happen given the continuing protests. There are reports of rioting and killings of Egyptian police in Rafah, as well as reports of the border crossing security being compromised.

“Barry said he was detained on Friday for about an hour by Egyptian police while participating in a protest at Tahrir Square (Liberation Square) in Cairo. Barry said a camera was taken from him by police even though he waved a press pass and his American passport at them.

“Pretending to be a journalist, either with phony or stolen credentials, is a trick Code Pink uses to fool security at events. It appears the Egyptians weren’t fooled by Barry’s act.

“Barry spoke of participating in “peacefully” breaking through a police line on Tuesday. He said on Friday the tactics changed to violent attempts to break police lines.”

This article by myself and Andrea Shea King published here at Gateway Pundit February 10, 2011 details Code Pink’s close ties to the protest organizers and the Muslim Brotherhood.

In this San Francisco Chronicle article published February 2, 2011, Benjamin spoke of leading a dozen Code Pink agitators against Mubarak in Tahir Square.

At the Code Pink website Benjamin reported on February 2, 2011 that she and Code Pink carried two large banners in Tahir Square:

“Despite the danger on the streets, we went to the square carrying with two big banners. One said “World Says Time To Go, Mubarak!” and the other said “Solidarity With Egyptian People” in both English and Arabic”

This article from December 31, 2009 reports on Code Pink bringing Weather Underground terrorists Bill Ayers and Bernardine Dohrn to Cairo where the group agitated against the Mubarak government as part of their effort to visit their allies Hamas in Gaza in an event called the Gaza Freedom March.

Medea Benjamin is a documented liar about serious matters of national security.
Media beware.

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