Malaysia Air Passengers With Stolen Passports Caught on Video; Looked Like Soccer Player Balotelli (Video) …Update: Iranian Link

Malaysian authorities confirmed the two passengers using stolen passports on missing flight MH370 were caught on video.

Today authorities said the suspect passengers looked like black soccer star Mario Balotelli.
Mario Balotelli

Metro UK reported:

Two passengers thought to have boarded the missing Malaysia Airlines jet using stolen passports look like former Premier League footballer Mario Balotelli, an official has said.

A press conference in Kuala Lumpur on the latest developments on the search for flight MH370 took an unusual turn when the director-general of the country’s civil aviation department said the two men did not look Asian.

When asked by assembled journalists what they did look like, Azharuddin Abdul Rahman said based on CCTV footage they resembled the Italian footballer, who now plays for AC Milan.

‘Do you know Balotelli? They look like Balotelli,’ he said, without clarifying why he singled out the former Manchester City striker.

UPDATE: The Iranian link —
IBTimes reported:

The Financial Times has exclusively reported that the Thai travel agency that booked the tickets for the men had been asked to arrange the travel by an Iranian middleman.

The two were travelling from Kuala Lumpur with an Italian and an Austrian passport that had belonging to Luigi Maraldi and Christian Kozel. The passports were included in the stolen list of the Interpol’s database but managed to pass immigration control.

The one-way tickets with those names were issued from a travel agency in Pattaya, eastern Thailand.

More… The two men with stolen passports were both booked to travel to Amsterdam on March 8.

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