Lt. Gen. McInerney: I Think the #MH370 Passengers May Be Alive & I Think the Plane Landed (Video)

Retired Lt. General Thomas McInerney was back on with Sean Hannity tonight and still stands by his original statements that missing MH370 landed and did not crash into the ocean.

I think those passengers have the potential to still being alive. And I believe that airplane landed. I believe the airplane has landed and I’ve listened to a lot of aviation experts and none of them know anything about radical Islam. And I think that was one of the major shortcomings to think that as well planned as this was, and you just went through it with Mr. Kay, on how the transponder was turned off, they said goodnight, ACARS went off transponder. Take the line from the last transponder hit and then take the line from the Thai radar skin paint and draw that line. And see where it goes. It heads straight for India.”

flight radar missing flight
The last radar contact with Flight MH370 shows it was heading west. (South China Morning Post)

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