James O’Keefe Confronts GOP Rep. Sensenbrenner on His Racist Voting Rights Bill (Video)

You must see this—
James O’Keefe III confronted Republican Rep. Jim Sensenbrenner on his anti-white voting rights legislation.
Sensenbrenner’s bill would give Eric Holder back power over state elections.
Project Veritas reported:

At a town hall of constituents in Rubicon, Wisconsin, Republican Congressman Sensenbrenner denied the fact that the voting rights legislation he is sponsoring excludes white voters from the protection of the Voting Rights Act. When clearly asked if the Act excludes protections for white voters, Sensenbrenner responds, “It does not do that.”

This legislation would give massive power to the federal government, strip states from governing their own elections and block election integrity laws such as voter ID and citizen requirements to vote.

Watch our latest undercover investigation catching Rep. Sensenbrenner ON CAMERA lying to his constituents about this bill and please consider donating to help Project Veritas investigate corrupt DC politicians – regardless of their political affiliation.

Everyone wants free and fair elections.
It’s outrageous that a top Republican in Congress is pushing a bill that would discriminate against whites or any ethnic group.

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