Illinois Police Still Looking for Maniac Who Glued Razor Blades to Playground Equipment

Police are still searching for the lunatic who glued razor blades to playground equipment in East Moline, Illinois.

The razors were glued on the jungle gym and playground poles.
razors playground
Janey Marie has more on Facebook: My friend’s poor baby boy (2 1/2) was hurt at the park after he unknowingly held onto a razor that was plastered onto the playground by some twisted-sick person. Thankfully he is okay but I wanted to put this out there since she has given me permission.

FOX 2 reported:

A NFL player is offering a $1,000 bounty to catch the person who glued a dozen razor blades to playground equipment at a public park in Illinois.

Julian Vandervelde plays offensive lineman for the Philadelphia Eagles. His 15-month-old son wasn’t injured by the razor blades found attached to the playground equipment. When he found out that a two-year-old boy cut his finger on a hidden blade on the monkey bars he decided to put up his own cash. He is putting up a $1,000 reward to find out who did it.

“Basically, the way I see it, we’ve got a psychopath roaming around the Quad Cities and as a parent, I don’t feel safe for my child. So, I’m going to do something about it.” said Julian Vandervelde.

Hat Tip Ed Big Con

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