Greg Mitchell at the Nation: Victim Nancy Lanza Deserved It

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buy my books!

The left is continually trying to milk the murders of 26 children and 1 mother at Sandy Hook, Connecticut for their gun-grabbing purposes. Instead of compassion for the father who lost an ex-spouse and son, Greg Mitchell can’t help but wonder why the interviewer didn’t ask Peter Lanza:

“But the main failing is that Solomon, and Lanza, barely mention the ex-wife’s leaving guns (and ammo) around the house with easy access, and Solomon doesn’t bring it up either. There’s just one passing comment from Peter Lanza about his ex-wife’s allowing the five rifles and guns, which suggests she must not have been afraid of her son. And that’s it. No discussion of the overall arsenal, not securing it in the house, Nancy writing a check for Adam to buy a pistol himself and encouraging his gun obsessions, with frequent trips to the firing range, etc.

Did the father ever question any of these red flags? We’lll [sic] never know, at least from Solomon.”


At the Greg Mitchell School of Journalism, you ask the victimized father of a mass murderer, “boy, that ex-wife, she really brought it on herself, amirite? All those guns, combined with Adam’s all that crazy, inevitable that she’d be the first victim, right?”

This is the kind of thinking that passes for reason at the Nation. The logic that a third of U.S. households own guns, in a country where guns outnumber citizens, where there is widespread undiagnosed and often misdiagnosed mental illness, the main issue is the presence of the gun itself that made the crime happen, that’s the most interesting angle to Greg Mitchell.
The term hoplophobia has been used to describe the irrational fear of guns, and that certainly seems to fit Greg Mitchell’s undiagnosed biases and neurosis.
Mitchell is the author of an endless stream of books, some with cute allusions and comparing the Bolshevik Revolution to Occupy Wall Street (thanks for doing our work for us, Greggster!). One of his other books is about Hiroshima revisionism, which is his right as a pseudo-leftist quack of course, but far be it for us to suggest that by starting the war the Japs deserved it. And it would be just plain mean for us to suggest that one of his other e-books or self-published drafts or whatever, “My Book About Coaching My Son in Little League” that his son deserved losing, so we won’t.
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