Former Obama Official Compares Dictators Like Putin To GOP: ‘Will Kneecap the US Given Half the Chance’

putin obama
Vladimir Putin appears disinterested with Obama’s words.

Many people have longed for a world where progressive Democrats like Obama treat America’s international enemies at least as harshly as they treat their domestic political opponents.

Former Obama Director of National Intelligence agrees. 

Presidents tend to think of autocrats like Mr. Putin as fellow statesmen, said Dennis Blair, Mr. Obama’s first director of national intelligence. “They should think of dictators like they think of domestic politicians of the other party,” he said, “opponents who smile on occasion when it suits their purposes, and cooperate when it is to their advantage, but who are at heart trying to push the U.S. out of power, will kneecap the United States if they get the chance and will only go along if the U.S. has more power than they.”

If that quote is accurate, and it’s from the New York Times so it very well might not be, it means he thinks Obama should treat Putin like a Republican because to him they’re the same.


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