FORMER CIA ANALYST: Disappearance of #MH370 More Skillfully Executed Than 9-11

Former CIA analyst Michael Scheuer told Newstalk ZB the disappearance of #MH370 was more skillfully executed than 9-11.

Missing Malaysian Flight #MH370 Was Last Seen Heading Towards Pakistan
daily mail map
The last known position of MH370 was pinpointed as it headed east over Peninsular Malaysia. Radar pings then suggest the plane could have then taken two paths along ‘corridors’ which are currently being searched, which are a fixed distance from the radar station in the Indian Ocean (left) (Daily Mail)

Final contact was seven hours after the jet’s last confirmed position – possibly from the ground.
News Talk ZB reported:


A former intelligence officer with the CIA says the disappearance of Malaysian flight MH370 has been more skilfully executed than the 9/ 11 attack.

There’s speculation that the plane might have landed somewhere.

Mike Scheuer told Newstalk ZB’s Rachel Smalley it appears to be even more precise than 9/11.

“It’s not evident that it was a suicide mission. Perhaps they have other uses for the plane if it’s a terrorism attack.

“Perhaps they’re going to try bargain with the West for the release of some al-Qaeda people in return for releasing the passengers who were on the plane.”

He says if it was an act of terrorism, there could be a rogue plane out there.

“Once their plane is down somewhere you can repaint it, you can put a different number on the fuselage, and if you replace some of the equipment it won’t give off the identifying signal that it would give off normally.

“And then you have kind of a wild card aircraft out there.”

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