Farmington Teachers Upset After Being Shot With Pellet Guns During Simulated Drill (Video)

Farmington, Missouri teachers complained after being shot by air soft guns in a simulated drill.

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School officials said the training needed to be realistic so teachers know what to do in an emergency.

The teachers didn’t want to be shot at.
CBS Local reported:


Some teachers in Farmington balked this week after being told that a school safety drill would require them to wear goggles and be shot at with air soft pellet guns.

A school safety drill in St. Francois County hits a snag after some teachers object to getting shot at with air soft pellet guns.

Four teachers at Farmington High school contacted the Prosecuting Attorney’s office on Tuesday after they were handed goggles during the “active shooter” exercise.

Associate Superintendent Sarah Long says school personnel were not forced to take part in that aspect of the drill.

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