EBONY Mag Senior Editor Attacks Young Black Republican – “Here Comes a White Dude”

raffi williams with juan
Republican Raffi Williams with his father Democratic author and pundit Juan Williams. (Wayne Dupree)

Upcoming Republican star Raffi Williams, the deputy press secretary of the GOP, became the latest minority conservative to suffer the bigotry of the far left.
Wayne Dupree reported:

Jamilah Lemieux, Senior Editor for Black Magazine EBONY became the latest liberal attacker on black republicans through the social medium Twitter by calling RNC Raffi Williams a “White Dude” and talking down to him as if were beneath her. I didn’t know that EBONY management tolerated this racist tone from their management team. As you will see in the exchange below, Lemieux throws out the racist language to shut down the conversation.

Contact Ebony offices and let them know you would expect more from their management staff. (212) 397-4500

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