Democrats to Hold All-Night Session on Job-Killing Global Warming Junk Science

More punishment for the poor and middle class.

Ice cover of the Great Lakes has topped 92.2 percent this year, just shy of the record 94.7 percent ice coverage measured in 1979.
global warming great lakes
(Washington Post)

The US just experienced its coldest winter in years, but that won’t deter Democrats from pushing their job-killing global warming climate change agenda.


Senate Democrats will hold an all-night session on Monday to push climate change junk science.
Roll Call reported:

Senate Democrats are about to burn the midnight oil to make their case on climate change.

The previously rumored all-night session on the effects of climate change will take place Monday, Sen. Sheldon Whitehouse confirmed.

“It’s locked in,” the Rhode Island Democrat told CQ Roll Call. “An all-nighter is an all-nighter. We’re going to go all the way through to eight or nine in the morning or whenever they need to clean it up for the next day.”

That would clearly meet the established definition of an all-night session.

Sen. Brian Schatz, D-Hawaii, and Whitehouse are coordinating the campaign.

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