Communist School Teachers Sue NYPD Commissioner For Discrimination

A Communist teacher depicted in the 1940’s comic book, Is This Tomorrow? (

There seems to be an epidemic of late where self described Communist school teachers are making news.  Several days ago, Progressives Today reported how a self described Communist college professor was insulted for being called a Marxist.  This week, we discover two more Communist school teachers in the news.

According to an article in The New York Post, two Communist teachers are suing the NYPD Commissioner for discrimination:

Two self-described communist schoolteachers are suing the city and NYPD Commissioner William Bratton for discrimination because the police department has refused to issue loudspeaker permits for their annual May Day parade through Prospect Lefferts Gardens.

In their Brooklyn federal court suit, Mary Lonergan and Jessica Foard, who identify themselves as schoolteachers and members of the Revolutionary Communist Progressive Labor Party, claim that other groups are routinely provided with loudspeaker permits but that they’ve been stymied because of their controversial political position.

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