CODE PINK LEADER Medea Benjamin Allegedly Attacked By Egyptian Police, Then Deported to Turkey

Guest Post by Kristinn Taylor

medea benjamin
Medea Benjamin was detained and attacked by police in Egypt before being deported. The far left radical has a long history of supporting the outlawed Muslim Brotherhood.

Several news accounts report that Susan ‘Medea’ Benjamin, founder of the terrorist support group Code Pink, has been deported from Egypt to Turkey after being barred from entering the country.


Benjamin was attempting to use Egypt as a staging ground to support Hamas-led Gaza as she has done in previous visits. Code Pink also worked with the Muslim Brotherhood in past trips to Cairo to overthrow the government of former President Hosni Mubarak.

Before being deported, Benjamin live-tweeted her detention in a Cairo airport jail cell. Her last tweet was, “Help. They broke my arm. Egypt police.”

Benjamin later told Bloomberg News via phone, “The police pulled my arm out the socket, my arm is dislocated. They want to deport me.”

Benjamin also spoke to Agence France-Presse:

“I arrived yesterday (Monday). They took me out of customs, held me overnight, threw me on the floor, and broke my arm. Two policemen jumped on me and broke my arm,” she said in a telephone conversation aboard her flight. An airport official said Benjamin “dislocated her shoulder,” without elaborating.”

It appears Egypt will not allow Code Pink to support terrorists in Egypt this time around as AFP also reported:

“A Cairo court on Tuesday also banned Hamas activities inside Egypt. Members of the movement have been accused of aiding deposed Egyptian president Mohamed Morsi’s Muslim Brotherhood.”

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