CJ Werleman/Alternet: Opposing Coercive Unionism = Tyranny

CJ Werleman at an Alternet editorial board meeting.
CJ Werleman at an Alternet editorial board meeting.

CJ Werleman sees Koch phantoms wherever he turns. If the weather today is bad, it’s the Koch brothers opposing climate change hype that caused it. If his stocks go down, it’s no doubt the Kochs preventing Obamanomics from creating untold wealth through regulation. Werleman has a fervent faith that Obama is Lord, and that the Kochs are the Devil in two persons.

Naturally in such a worldview, the Kochs control all politics. All political issues are really just about lining Koch pockets. Because when you become a billionaire, clearly, your only ambition is to then become a trillionaire? Over at Alternet, CJ Werleman makes the fantastic claim that, not only are the Kochs solely funding the right to kill unions, but to oppose coercive unionism is tyranny.

Here’s what Werleman starts with:

“…the right wing let the metaphorical cat out of the bag when it comes to their strategy of transforming America’s democracy for the many into a tyrannical plutocracy for the very few, revealing just how disingenuous the Republican Party is whenever it offers any lip service to dealing with income inequality.”

Werleman then approvingly quoted that paragon of reason Rachel Maddow as saying “This fight is about destroying the unions.”

So, the Kochs, who single-handedly bankrolls everything on the right to Werleman, only care about bankrupting unions. That’s the only issue folks.

Apparently all those energies spent discussion issues like energy, trade, war, gun rights, abortion, religion, the Constitution, election integrity, the environment, are all just convenient proxies for the real battle: so that the Kochs can finally get rid of those pesky unions!

Now I hate to impose logic on an article published at Alternet, but let’s give it a try. The Kochs are Billionaires from oil. Their operations are based in Wichita, Kansas. Kansas is already a Right to Work state. The Koch brothers spent an estimated $400 million in politics and political education and outreach. The Kochs are worth an estimated 50 and 30 billion each. Does it really make any logical sense that they would be taking all that action solely in order to destroy unions in order to line their own pockets?

First, they’re already fabulously rich. They could just as easily drink gold and snort platinum cocaine full-time for the rest of their lives if they wanted to, why would they care about some unions in states where they aren’t doing business? Second, they fund such a variety of efforts, that if they were solely against the unions, they would be wildly inefficient in such spending by not solely funding pro-worker groups. Third, his only evidence of this is the logic of Rachel Maddow. Let me repeat that so that the insanity sinks in: his only evidence for this is the logic of Rachel Maddow.

Werleman then explains that Kochs and their minions, i.e. us, are really tyrants, because we oppose coercive unionism. This is our strategy, in case you missed the memo, “transforming America’s democracy for the many into a tyrannical plutocracy for the very few.”

All that claptrap about freedom and liberty and low-taxes, yea, it was just to enrich the tyrannical plutocrat overlords we worship. Pro-life? You’re just empowering the tyrannical plutocrats. For a sensible border/immigration policy? Empowering the tyrannical plutocrats. Want to lower regulations to make it easy for new businesses to form? Empowering tyrannical plutocrats.

This is the logic of progressives: malign anything you mildly disagree with, using a non-thinking phrase, and repeat ad nauseum. Turn off any logic, reason, empathy or sympathy.

Here’s where Werleman, aka Weasel-man, shows his true colors: “Walker’s goal was to reduce public-sector unions to the same subjugated state as their counterparts in the private sector. Since signing the bill into law, union membership has fallen nearly 40 percent in his state.”

Yea Weasel-man, they reduced because people chose not to pay dues to a union they didn’t support. When state workers were no longer forced to join a union against their will, they chose not to. Because those former union members chose against Weaselman’s preferred unionist thugs, they’re tyrants, and empowering the plutocrats. It was evil in his mind that people were given a choice of whom to associate with in order to have a job. Werleman is a disgusting statist pig.


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