Breaking: Thailand Radar Picked Up Missing Flight #MH370 After Communications Shut Down (Video)

Thai radar picked up missing flight MH370 after the plane’s communications system was shut down.

Thailand did not share the information with Malaysia earlier because the country was not asked about it.

Thailand was tracking flight MH370 when it disappeared.
Minutes later a radar saw an unknown object flying back to the west not sending out any data.


First Post reported:

Thailand’s military says its radar detected a plane that may have been Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 just minutes after the missing jetliner’s communications went down, and that it didn’t share the information earlier because it wasn’t specifically asked for it.

Thai air force spokesman Montol Suchookorn said Tuesday the plane followed a twisting flight path to the Strait of Malacca, which is where Malaysian radar tracked Flight 370 early 8 March.

But Montol said the Thai military wasn’t sure whether it detected the same plane.

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