Woah! The law firm Gibson Dunn released their findings in the New Jersey Bridgegate scandal today. Gibson Dunn reported today that Governor Chris Christie is innocent in Bridgegate scandal.

In fact – They found, the evidence revealed, that Christie knew in March 2013 that Mayor Mark Sokolich would not endorse his campaign for reelection yet the governor went out of his way to list the mayor in a list of honorary appointments as recently as May 2013.

We can say that the evidence does not establish that the alternative motive was to target Mayor Sokolich because he did not endorse Governor Christie for reelection. In fact, there’s substantial contrary evidence, in fact the evidence shows that both the governor’s office and the Christie campaign knew as early as March 2013 that Mayor Sokolich would not be endorsing the governor for reelection yet, by his own account, he continued to have good relations with the Christie administration and indeed was on a list of mayors being considered for honorary appointments.”

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